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September 24, 2015

A web stroll suggests that the term "horrible human being” is a common expression these days (go ahead and do your own Google search), but it has come to my attention via Donald Trump when describing a woman who sued him, as reported by the New York Times on Sept. 23, 2015: "He recalled being sued by a woman whom he deemed 'a horrible human being.'”  (I haven't been able to find details about the law suit.)  

Trump has used the same expression before, at least back in 2006 in describing Rosie O'Donnell ("here's a horrible human being, a terrible woman. She looks bad and she sounds bad. And believe me, as bad as she looks, she's worse inside") and in 2013 when discussing the success of his Apprentice TV program ("'It's simple,' he tells Rolling Stone, hours before yet another season premiere of the reality show where he fires people. 'You can be a nice person or you can be a horrible human being. If you get ratings you'll stay on [TV].'"), (http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/q-a-donald-trump-on-celebrity-apprentice-guns-and-romneys-failings-20130302 [March 2, 2013])

How did I survive before the internet???

I am intrigued by this undefined law suit, and I'd like to get in on being one of Trump's horrible human beings (I am troubled that he apparently includes himself, but I chalk that up to false modesty), so in no particular order, here are some law suits I'd like to file against Trump:

  • Offenses against human rationality
  • Offenses against scientific causality
  • Subjugating syllogistic logic to the ad hominem and ex cathedra
  • Violation of allowable noise levels in my hearing range
  • Terrorism (e.g., discouraging critical thinking, stoking fears that fascism in this country has a stronger base than previously indicated)
  • Making the greater appear the lesser evil via war with Fox News
  • Softening the irrationality of others (rival candidates and various John and Jane Does) when juxtaposed against Trump's own considered reflections

OK, not all of these are prosecutable, and if they were there would be lots more people in jail (though most of them white, for a change) or financially compromised by the damages they'd have to pay.  

Anyway, I invite visitors to this page to add their own fantasy law suits against Trump that would earn them the sobriquet Trump seems to reserve only for special cases.  You can e-mail me, and I'll add to this page those that entertain me.  (Unless you tell me otherwise, I'll assume it's ok to include your name and contact info.)

- Richard Yanowitz (for more of my idiosyncrasies, see richardyanowitz.com)


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